In the 2022/2023 business year, the company’s product portfolio consisted of 653 products

Egis changes the secondary packaging design of Suprastin®

Egis informs about the secondary packaging changes of Suprastin®in tablet forms manufactured by Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC" (Hungary). The secondary packaging receives a new color scheme and visual cues that make the pharmaceutical product more visible in the particular category and more convinient for consumers. At the same time, the composition of the product and its properties remain unchanged.


Zalagel® Intim: a novelty for daily care of female intimate health

EGIS-RUS announces the expansion of its Women’s health portfolio by a new brand under Zalain product line. It will be replenished with the new Zalagel® Intim moisturizing gel for intimate hygiene with a unique combination of tea tree oil and weakly alkaline pH 8-9.


D-Pantenol Novatenol - a new brand name of a well-known drug from the European manufacturer

EGIS-RUS LLC made rebranding of the popular skin repair products: D-Panthenol Novatenol (cream and ointment) took place D-Panthenol (cream and ointment) on pharmacy shelves.


Egis changed design of its products packages

We inform our customers, partners and consumers about the change packaging design of more than 30 products.

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